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The low down on Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Botox Dublin

botox dublin

MM Studios are delighted to add Anti-Wrinkle injections to the range of premium beauty treatments we offer.

The very talented medical director Dr. Michelle Rockingham (MB BCh BAO DipPharmMed) is now performing a variety of treatments at MM Studios Dundrum. We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about all things fillers and anti ageing treatments.

Our next date for an appointment or consultation with Dr. Michelle Rockingham is October

What exactly are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti – Wrinkle injections are a non-invasive beauty treatment. The treatment involves injecting botulinum toxin A, to eliminate or soften the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

Is it sore?

Not at all, you will feel a slight pinch but the treatment is no more painful than a blood test.

How do the injections work?

The anti-wrinkle injection works by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscle that has been injected. This stops the muscle contracting which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften, leaving you with a smooth surface of skin

Who is suitable for  this treatment?

Everyone! Anyone who is concerned about the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles will see a great difference from these treatments.

When should I start getting anti-wrinkle injections?

This will differ completely depending on the individual. The earlier you start getting the treatment the better the results will be. The treatment will be as much a preventative measure if you begin getting them before deep lines have developed.

However, if you begin getting the anti-wrinkle injections later in life you will also see a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox Dublin

Where on the face can I have injections?

The injections are used to treat 3 main areas of the upper face: frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes

How often should I have anti-wrinkle injections?

Again this is case by case and depends on many lifestyle and age factors of the client.

Injections can last up to 4 months, but may last longer depending on your age, extent of lines/ wrinkles and strength of the muscles of your face. For the best results a course of 3 treatments per year for the first year is recommended

Are there any risks?

As with any medical procedure there are always risks attached and the possibility of side effects. However, with anti-wrinkle injections these are low.

In the case of side effects they can range from bruising or bleeding at the injection site to headaches, drooping eyelid, tenderness and tightness, and very rarely, anaphylactic reaction. All of these would be discussed in great detail and explained in full at the consultation stage to identify any risk factors on an individual basis.

Is there anyone whom this treatment would not suit?

Of course, like all treatments this will not suit everyone. All patients will be assessed for suitability during the consultation. Typically if you fall into any of the below categories you would not be eligible for the treatment.

  • Patients with a known allergy to botulinum toxin A
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Patients with Myasthenia gravis or Eaton Lambert Syndrome
  • Patients with an infection at the proposed injection site

For a confidential consultation or more information on this treatment our next available date is 27th October 2018 please contact Michelle on 

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